Here is my gift to you, a section dedicated to helping my fellow creatives to help kick-start a better career in design. When I started as a designer I did not have any guidance so here are some templates, fonts and files to help you better your career as a creative.


Branding guidelines

Do you supply your clients with brand guidelines? If not, then now you can. We have designed this minimalist inspired branding guidelines that can be fully customised. It includes all of the structure you need to create an impressive product for your clients. Now you can charge more than before and not have to worry about wasting hours coming up with the design yourself. So what are you waiting for? click on that link!


Business cards

Business card mockups used in a live client brief. They have been created in Photoshop so which means you can change, colours, typography, layout and even texture. They contain two layouts in an isometric and minimalist style which could be used for an Instagram post or even your next big project. Download for a very low price via the link below.


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