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We were initially approached by Simply Ads to create a new brand identity. This brief quickly expanded into developing a new website and has since resulted in an ongoing relationship.


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Our initial brief was to develop a new brand to help position Simply Ads as a leading YouTube advertising agency.

We were then also asked to design and develop a new website design as the existing one did not match the new brand identity we created. In addition to showcasing the new visual identity, the website also needed a clear UX to ensure it was clear what they offer as a business.

After a few meetings it was clear that the website needed a fresh new layout that would make it easier to navigate and find your way around. This was a great opportunity for us to push the boundaries and come up with a design that stood out from the competition and stand the test of time.



After working with Simply Ads for their brand identity it was easier to understand exactly what they needed in terms of a design. We already had a colour palette and typography to work with so this gave us time to concentrate on the user interface. After testing layouts and wireframes we came to this clean design which focuses on providing an easy to navigate user experience which clearly communicates Simply Ad’s key USPs

simply ads - colour palette