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Ivy Joan is an independent boutique for home provisions offering Home Gifts, Fashion & Retro Goods. Hayley who founded the wonderful company approached us with the task of redesigning her brand. Hayley’s old logo mark and brand identity did not match the style and personality of where the brand was headed, so it was our opportunity to create something that she would love for years to come.


Ivy Joan - Brand Photography

The brand redesign

Hayley wanted a more versatile logo that would be easily transferable on business cards, delivery boxes, tote bags and more. It was our pleasure to step away from a computer and create a more vintage, hand-rendered logo without the initial need to start in illustrator.

Ivy Joan has a very vintage and old fashioned feel about the brand so it was obvious we needed to create something that would stand the test of time. The logo needed to look great even when transferred on old objects such as card, a candle or something as simple as a rough piece of wood.

The brand delivery

The final logo was first sketched by hand and then transferred to iPad where the vectorising began. She chose from a few different variations of typography, illustrations and finally selected the logo that you see below which features a textured Ivy Leaf paired with a simple serif typeface. The logo and leaf needed to be used as a pair or separately which allows for the brand to be used print and on digital products.


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Ivy Joan Custom logo Candles

The result

“Alex has been super for our branding, he really listened to what my needs and ideas were and ensured my logo and branding not only met my expectations but in fact far exceeded them. Not only did I feel he really understood my business and ideas he is perfect to work with as he ensures everything is prompt & professional, sometimes I have barely put the phone down and my inbox pings with my new designs! Perfect service!”

– Hayley Peters, Owner/Founder